WZGrapher Function Grapher WZGrapher Function Graph Program
WZGrapher Funktionsgraphen -Plotter

WZGrapher Function Grapher
Developer: Walter Zorn
WZGrapher is an easy-to-use and small-footprinted Function Graphing and Calculation Program written in C language, with capabilities to plot both cartesian and polar functions. WZGrapher can also be used to graph numerical solution curves of integrals, to solve numerically and graph ordinary differential equations up to the fifth order, and to calculate value tables (also of ODEs) including the first derivative values.
You may simply enter expressions such as x^3 - 2 x^2ln(sin(x-Pi/2)) or pi*sin(2t + sin(t)), the latter being designated as polarfunction by 't' used as independent variable. Differential equations (ODE) may be typed in like y'' = -xy' + 3y, for example.
WZGrapher Function Graph Program
WZGrapher comes with various built-in helperfunctions such as all 12 trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, e.g. tanh{512 * [2 - cosh(sin(x))^3]},
their inverses, e.g. acosh(x) (inverse hyperbolic cosine),
logarithms with specifiable bases, e.g. logn(x, 15.4),
Exponential Function exp(x),
roots with specifiable index, e.g. root(2.5x, 5),
the Gamma Function,
complete as well as incomplete elliptic integrals,
and several more.
WZGrapher: Graph Functions  
WZGrapher Function Grapher: English VersionWZGrapher Function Grapher: English Version
WZGrapher Funktionsgraphen -Plotter: Deutsche Version

Compared with the Online Function Grapher, the WZGrapher Function Graphing software is much faster, can be customized in multiple ways, and provides extended capabilities, such as:
Zooming and scrolling the displayed range via keyboard (+, -, arrow keys), toolbar or menu, selecting a zooming rectangle with the mouse.
WZGrapher Function Graphing Application: Integration Numerically computing integrals, and drawing their integral curves.
Numerically computing derivatives with the d( ) helperfunction, e.g. y=d(d(x^3)) (second derivative of x^3).
Numerically solving ordinary differential equations (ODE) of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth order, WZGrapher Function Plotting Program: Plot of an ODE (ordinary differential equation) e.g. y'''' = -y^2 - xy'', and drawing their solution curves. When using WZGrapher to solve initial value problems, the basic value (the point through which the solution graph must pass) can be defined anywhere inside the desired solution range of x.
Saving your work as WZG files.
Copying and pasting graphs into other applications such as Office Suites, Graphics Programs and Image Viewer.
Saving graphs as pictures (BMP or GIF) to disk.
Textboxes for numbers, such as x min and x max, accept mathematical expressions, e.g. pi/2 or 2*sqrt(10).
Switching the background colour, specifying the line thickness.
Accessing operations via right-click menu (context menu), keystrokes or even Mouse Gestures.
Function calculator.
Can evaluate single values as well as value tables, including first derivative values. These values/tables can straightly, via a buttonclick, be copied to the clipboard and hence be pasted into other programs or documents such as Excel spreadsheets etc.
WZGrapher: Value Table
Despite these and more features, the size of the WZGrapher Function Graphing application is still very small, just 100 kB (download size: 114 kB), and memory usage is quite frugal (though I doubt anybody cares).
WZGrapher: Graph Functions  
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Integral Screen Shot

WZGrapher Function Graph Plotter: Integral Curve
WZGrapher: Graph Functions  
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Differential Equation Screen Shot

Solution curve of a differential equation (ODE) of the second order
WZGrapher Function Graphing Program,: Solve Differential Equation
WZGrapher: Graph Functions  
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Installation of WZGrapher

No installation required.
Download the ZIP file in your preferred language and unzip it to the directory you wish. On Windows 2000 / XP it's recommended to start WZGrapher (wzgrapher.exe) the first time from an useraccount with Administrator rights, in order to enable WZGrapher to be lauched by clicking on a WZG file or by typing 'wzgrapher' on the command prompt.
To uninstall WZGrapher, delete the file wzgrapher.exe or the directory containing it.


Changelog of WZGrapher. If you're impatiently waiting for the next release :-): Yes, I'm presently working on a major update. (Essentially, WZGrapher will provide a tabbed multi-document interface; the program will be based on editable language files so it can be easily translated even by users; the user will have more control over the style of graphs (color, line-thickness); difficult-to-graph functions such as sin(1/x) will be displayed with more precision; if anything goes well, it will provide user-defined functions, and more stuff.)

Free Download

Version 0.94 for Windows 98 / Me / NT4 / 2000 / XP:
English WZGrapher Function Grapher: Download WZGrapher Function Grapher wzgrapher_e.zip (114 kB)
Deutsch WZGrapher Funktionsgraphen -Plotter: Download wzgrapher.zip (114 kB)

Later there will probably also come a Linux version.
Windows 95 is no longer supported.
WZGrapher: Graph Functions  
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Walter Zorn, Munich, 2006
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