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Updated checkinstall for Redhat 5 & 6

By jbayer - Last updated: Monday, October 14, 2013

I’ve consolidated the changes I’ve made into a new release: Added ability to remember options between runs Added –os option to specify OS release (ie: el5) Due to the different libraries between OS releases, I have a version for Redhat 5 and another version for Redhat 6  


Updated Zabbix install script

By jbayer - Last updated: Monday, October 14, 2013

My latest version of the install script, with the following additions: 1.9 Added check for latest zabbix version Added postfix to install 1.10 Updated paths for changes in Sourceforge Added mod_ssl to Apache install Updated version number for epel 1.11 Added Postgresql database option Changed to require custom version of checkinstall Now adds OS version […]


Copying or Backing up an image of an LVM-based Virtual Machine

By jbayer - Last updated: Wednesday, October 2, 2013

If you are using virtual machines on a Linux system, you may be storing the VM image in an LVM partition.  This can make it difficult to copy or backup an image of the VM. The attached script will do just that.  It displays the list of VMs running on the system and allows you […]


Adding Space to Linux Partitions

By jbayer - Last updated: Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sometimes after you make a virtual machine, you find that you need to add more space to it.  You are left with two options: Build a new VM and copy everything over Expand the existing VM The first option is slow and subject to error.  It is very easy to miss copying over a file […]


Bacula & WeBacula Installation Script

By jbayer - Last updated: Thursday, April 25, 2013

Note:  The script was updated on 5/17/2013 due to a typo. We recently had an issue where we lost 3 drives in a RAID 5 array, causing the entire system to be lost.  Unfortunately, some data was lost due to the hosting service’s backups  not being complete. As a result of this, we decided to […]


Zabbix install script updated to v1.9

By jbayer - Last updated: Sunday, October 14, 2012

Here is the latest update to my zabbix installation script.  It defaults to Zabbix 2.0.1, but it checks to see what the latest version is and gives you the option to install it, along with everything else necessary. I noticed that when doing an upgrade, that the config files aren’t always updated properly.  In some […]


Monitoring Memcached servers

By jbayer - Last updated: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If you are using memcached, you may want to know if it is running or not, and if it isn’t, to get it started. The attached script will do that.  Run it as on the server which is running the memcached instance(s), as root, from cron, once a minute, and it will check. In our […]



By jbayer - Last updated: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We’ve been using etckeeper lately to back up our /etc directories with a version control system..  I was dissatisfied with it because it was only designed to backup /etc or a specific directory.  It did not have the capability to backup multiple directories, such as /etc, /usr/local/etc, /var/bind I’ve been corresponding with the author, Joey […]


Installing the new Zabbix 2.0.0rc2

By jbayer - Last updated: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I’ve taken my script for an automatic installation of Zabbix and modified it to install the 2.0.0rc2. It is designed to work with any RHEL5+, CentOS 5+, Scientific Linux 5+ or higher systems. It is best to start with a minimal install. It will download and install all necessary packages. I’ve developed a directory structure […]


Installing Zabbix on Redhat/CentOS – v. 1.5

By jbayer - Last updated: Monday, April 9, 2012

Another update.  Changes below. Updated Zabbix version to 1.8.11 Added install of php-xml and php-xmlrpc, needed for template import Added better Apache config, inspired by Updated URL for epel repo Make default mysql conf file my-large.conf Added option to use Percona server Modified zabbix_agentd.conf to include files from zabbix_agentd.d Changed locations of log files, […]