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We are slowly implementing CF-Engine 3 in our environment.  Inevitably, there are occasionally problems on specific systems.  Sometimes we need to disable CF-Engine while debugging since the files that are being worked on are maintained by CF-Engine and would be overwritten during the debugging process.

We also put a line in to /etc/cron.d/cfengine to restart it if for some reason it is stopped.

I wrote the attached script which will disable both cf-monitord and cf-execd, and set a flag so that it won’t be started by the cron entry.  Actually, the cron entry calls the script to CF-Engine if it is not running.

The only line which might need to be changed is the FLAGDIR, which specifies where to put the flag file.

# usage:
# [disable | enable | runcheck]
#      disable      set disable flag, and stop cf-execd and cf-monitord
#      enable       remove disable flag, and start cf-execd and cf-monitord
#      runcheck     check to see that both cf-execd and cf-monitord are running
#      anything else, or nothing, just shows the current state


This is the cron entry (put it in /etc/cron.d/cfengine):

# Ensure that cf-execd and cf-monitord are running
*/5 * * * * root /usr/local/sbin/ runcheck


  cfengine.tar.gz (2.2 MiB, 420 hits)


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