Ganeti 2.6.2

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RPMs for RHEL6/CentOS6/SL6 are available here:


  Ganeti 2.6.2 (2.8 MiB, 438 hits)

  Ganeti 2.6.2 debug (507.0 KiB, 388 hits)



I’ve uploaded my set of scripts which I wrote and use in administering Ganeti.

They are available at:

I’d appreciate any feedback.  Suggestions, patches, etc are welcome.

This is a description of the scripts:

The following are additional shell scripts to support the use of ganeti:


Create a new instance from an existing variant or by installing from an ISO image.
Call with new instance name on cmd line, if not there you will be prompted for it, as well as all other necessary information


Create a new variant from an existing instance. If necessary, the instance is shut down first.  Specify the instance on the command


Install an os from an ISO image onto an existing, not-running instance.  You can specify the instance name on the command line, otherwise you will be prompted.


Start an instance, display the VNC info for it, and then start the console.
Specify the instance name on the command line


Simple shell script to sync various files across all nodes.
Files and directories to be synced are listed in /etc/ganeti/syncfiles.txt
Currently copies various ganeti files in /etc, as well as the various Ganeti directories and /usr/local.


Create a tarball from a QEMU disk image file


This file.  For detailed help on a specific command, type the command name as an option.  For example:

gnt-help gnt-createins

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