Enable/disable core dumps

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While it normally isn’t a good idea to have core dumps enabled on a production server, sometimes that is the only way to debug a problem.

There are several things which are needed to be done to enable core dumps on a modern Linux.  The attached script does this automatically for you.  It  has been tested on Redhat & CentOS systems

To enable core dumps, either log in or su to root, and type:

/path/to/script/setcore.sh on

To disable them, type:

/path/to/script/setcore.sh off


Be aware that Bash has it’s own ulimit value, so if you want to change the value in your current shell OR call this inside a shell script, type:

. /path/to/script/setcore.sh on


. /path/to/script/setcore.sh off


  setcore.zip (1.5 KiB, 585 hits)

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