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There is no easy way to find large files on a system.  The attached file contains a command called lsbig, which will do just that.  It also prints out stars and the length of the stars show the usage of each folder / file from smallest to largest on the box.

  lsbig (611 bytes, 277 hits)

Usage is very simple.  Put the file in your path and make it executable.  It accepts two parameters:

lsbig [dir [size] ]
dir       Directory or file to work on
size      Minimum size of files to report. Suffixes 
          are allowed (k for K, m for meg, g for gig),
          both lower and upper case are allowed

So for example:

lsbig       will do the current directory and report all files

lsbig /    will do the entire system and report all files

lsbig / 50g    will do the entire system and report all files greater than 50 gig in size.

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