How can I convert my running system to a RAID 1 System ?

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There are a number of online guides on how to convert a running Linux system to a RAID-1 setup.  Rather than repeat the same information, I’m providing you with a set of scripts which will do the conversion automatically.   While these scripts have been tested with multiple filesystems and in multiple ways, there could always be a configuration which would have problems. So BACK UP before you use these.

  raid-conversion-ubuntu.tar.gz (5.9 KiB, 394 hits)

These scripts are designed to convert a running Ubuntu system from a single
hard drive to a RAID 1 system with two identical drives.  Before running
these scripts, the new hard drive needs to be installed in the system.

These scripts have been tested with Ubuntu 8.04, Grub 1, and without LVM

These scripts assume that the original disk is either sda or hda, and that
the new drive is either sdb or hdb.

These scripts are able to work with the following types of filesystems:

ext2, ext3, reiserfs, jfs and xfs

It is STRONGLY recommended that you backup your system BEFORE running
these scripts.

The scripts MUST be placed in /usr/local/bin.

  raid-conversion-ubuntu.tar.gz (5.9 KiB, 394 hits)

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