PBX-in-a-Flash (and Linux) Network Driver Problem

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I recently installed PBX In A Flash on an Intel D525 Atom board, with an on-board 8168b NIC.  I had a problem where the phones would just stop for 1-5 seconds, and then continue.  I was able to track it down to the NIC which CentOS installed.

CentOS installed the driver for the RealTek 8169, which work just enough to fool you into thinking that it’s ok, but every once in a while just stops for a few seconds.

I’ve seen this same behaviour for Ubuntu Linux as well.

To identify the problem, log on and get to a command prompt, then type:


Look for a line which indicates an ethernet card, and note which card it is.  If it is a RealTek 8168b, then issue the command:

lsmod | grep 816

to see which driver is installed.  If you see a line which begins with:


then you have the problem.

To replace the driver:

I’ve uploaded the current driver here:

  r8168-8.023.00.tar.bz2 (58.5 KiB, 479 hits)

or, if you want to get it direct from the manufacturer, ho to the this link to download the driver:

As of today, 4/22/11, I used the following command to get the file.  I suspect this may not work for more than a day or so, so if  it doesn’t, then use the page linked to above to get to the download page:

 wget ftp://WebUser:pGL7E6v@

The following commands will untar the file, compile and install the driver, assume the file name hasn’t changed:

tar xjf  r8168-8.023.00.tar.bz2
cd r8168-8.023.00
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