DHCP and TFTP servers

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TFTP servers are used to provide configuration files for local systems.  An easy way to tell systems the address of the tftp server is to use DHCP option 66.

DHCP can provide quite a lot of information when it provisions an address.  For a complete listing, go to this link, however all we are concerned with right now is option 66, which is what is used to specify a tftp server address

The dhcpd daemon which is supplied with most Linux distributions take the following syntax.  The following fragment specifies the tftp server to be at address, a router and name server to be at, and a pool of address for systems to get addresses from.

option tftp66 code 66 = string;
subnet netmask {
  option tftp66 "";
  option routers;
  option domain-name "localnet.net";
  option domain-name-servers;
  pool {
    option routers;
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