Zoneminder and IE 8

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Zoneminder hasn’t been updated in over a year, and in that time new browsers have been released.  One of them, IE 8, has depreciated the use of the <applet> tag, which Zoneminder uses to load Cambozola (a java-based viewer)

The following is a replacement for the applet code.  Simple replace the applet code in the file:


around line 415, with the following:

 width="<?= $width ?>"
 height="<?= $height ?>"
 title="<?= $title ?>">
 <PARAM name="code" value="com.charliemouse.cambozola.Viewer">
 <PARAM name="archive" value="<?= ZM_PATH_CAMBOZOLA ?>">
 <param name="accessories" value="none"/>
 <param name="url" value="<?= $src ?>"/>
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