Welcome to my notes.

I am a long-time software developer and administrator.  I’ve been developing software for over 30 years for a variety of systems.  During that time I have installed and administrated more systems than I can count; the types include Xenix (an early version of Unix for PCs), MS-Dos, Windows (all varieties) and Linux.  I’ve been full-time with Linux since 1991.  I earned my RHCE back in 2002, and have kept current on the technologies ever since.

These pages are intended to document various tricks and techniques I have developed and come across over the years.  The links are to pages I have found to be useful in my work.

I am not an evangelist.  While I have a definite bias towards Linux, and in the Linux world I prefer RedHat/CentOS/Fedora, I try to keep up with the other major distributions and use Ubuntu on a daily basis at work.  I also use Windows & OS X on a daily basis.  When asked about a problem, I will recommend the best solution I can think of, even if that solution is a Windows based one.

I will also be keeping some old, non-existent sites alive here.  These are sites that I have found to contain useful information and code.  Other than making changes to ensure that they work, I will not be making any significant changes to them;  they are here for documentation purposes only.  While they are sometimes available via the Internet Archive (www.archive.org),  the Internet Archive doesn’t always capture all the files.

Enjoy, and I would be interested in hearing from you.

Jonathan Bayer